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A satirical science fiction short, telling a surprising story with elaborate imagery.
A world, as spotless, bleak and cold as its uniform design is not a good place for a dreamer like Lutz. With as much courage as desperation, relying only on his skills and imagination, he faces a terrible fate and fights for his personal happy end.
At the end of the twenty-first century society has given up on the illusion of happiness for everyone. Another ideal has taken its place. Your usefulness for society has become the measure of all things. Based on it’s own rating of the citizens, a dehumanized system distributes goods and services to the inhabitants of it’s world.
Lutz is not cut out for this. He is a romantic aficionado of nostalgic 2D-films of the twenties century. Instead of paying his dues to society, he prefers to sit in front of his antique DVD player and immerses himself into a world where there is still freedom, adventure and heroism. Soon his romantic inclination gets him kicked out of university and loses him his prestigious enrollment at the institute for neuro-informatics. Without perspective or status he finds himself in a situation with no way out.
This is where D-I-M picks up the thread of his story and accompanies him in his fight for
self-determination. He is dependant on help from his one true friend Jannik, but in the end it is solely up to him if he can defy the system and win a future.