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David Winter

David plays Lutz, the hero of Deus in Machina, a dreamer who does not fit into the cold and efficiency-obsessed world of 2075. David has played and starred in numerous film- and tv-productions. Currently he is in Italy, appearing in an international TV-adaptation of Robert Lois Stevenson’s “The Black Arrow”. 
Reinhardt Firchow

Jannik, impersonated by Reinhardt, is a former rebel, a fighter against the system. Live has not been too good to him. He is the only friend Lutz has left. He knows that by helping him to plan his escape, he will also loose Lutz forever. Reinhardt Firchow can look back on a long acting career, on stage as well as in front of the camera. In addition he is professor for acting at the renowned Folkwang School for the Arts. 
Volker Lippmann  
young Jannik
Steffen Will  
Judge 2075
Georg Leumer  
Judge 2027
Bernd Vossen †  
Mr. Ratzow matricidal Killer
Gerd Buurmann  
Gabriele Blum  
Scientist in lab
Christian Heuser  
Sabine Kämper  
Clerk at desk
Mareike Götzinger  
Forensics specialist
Christoper Pott  
Policeman 1
Maik Evers  
Policeman 2
Daniel Raboldt  
Policeman 3
Alexander Maier  
Policeman 4
Younés Nachit  
Policeman 5
Guido Hoehne  
Scientist 1
David Jürgensen  
Scientist 2
Thorsten Lechner